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Political Murders and International Human Rights Bills

Political Murders and International Human Rights Bills


Few days ago, I attended training on Indigenous People, Human Rights and Advocacy in Baguio city, Philippines. Training was all about the functions of UN Human Rights Mechanism and how International Human Rights Laws are working to protect the rights of Individuals and Indigenous communities across the World. Experts from Sydney University and former UN affiliated persons facilitated the different sessions and discussed on the various International Human Rights bills and declarations. Among others, main two international covenants on Civil and Political Rights and Economical, Social and Cultural Rights were discussed in detail.

Under these two international covenants, ratifying states have obligations to protect the rights of their citizens like right to food, education, work, housing, self determination, participate in their cultural activities and right to form association for their civil and political rights etc.  

Apart from, states also develop their own laws and constitutions for the protection of their citizens, but since the creation of Pakistan Sindh and Balochistan are severely facing violation of these national and international laws and state is promoting violation of these human rights laws by giving perpetrators and violators support and letting them move freely around the country.

Some time, it comes into my mind creating disturbance that how international community, human rights organizations and institutions have kept mum over the mascaras of human being, in developing countries. Political leaders, members, human rights activists, and individuals who have devoted their life for the cause of poor, deprived, excluded people are murdered, assassinated, kidnapped, disappeared and burned in day light and all the international and national laws, human rights bills and declarations, institutions and departments are handicapped, incapable and powerless to bring these culprits and violators to court of justice.

Human Rights situation is deteriorating day by day in Pakistan. On the other hand world is developing laws, constitutions, policies and passing resolution to protect human being with the dignity and entitlement of basic rights for his/her survival, but in Pakistan Individuals and nations are put into the condition of sever insecurity, fear, alienation and deprivations, resulting in, nations and individuals are thinking for the other options for their development and for their security and for their peace.

Everywhere in the world, middle class and civil society play pivotal role for bringing peace and calm in society by standing up on the side of people who are deprived, who are suppressed and forced to turn blind eyes over the entire atrocities and cruelties of state. But, middle class and civil society in Pakistan are in deep slumber and day dreaming for metaphysical forces to come to bring peace, justice and protect rights to every individual. Civil society, middle class and so called political parties are overwhelmed with disguised disease that have locked their touges and does not allow them to dare to talk on and speak up saying wrong to wrong. In addition, civil society and compromising middle class are ready to protest and speak against the terrorism, target killings and all other violations committed by non state actors, but when State is terrorizing their citizen they are keeping mum, they are not ready to even comments, because they cannot sacrifice their luxuries, their airplane tickets and bogus honor they are given by state organs on different occasions.

This is the reason that since the creation of Pakistan Sindh and Balochistan are facing adverse state terrorism and people from these two nations are detained, hanged murdered, disappeared, shoot up etc under the auspices of State. People are salved by keeping them away from their own resources, by imposing them political system and let them governed by imported leaders and power mongers etc.   

Basic rights of these nations are thrown into dustbin. State has declared free from the entire obligation she has under certain national and international bindings. But, state has promised to protect their rights and interest of few hundred families and dominating nations across the Pakistan.

In recent past, when governor of Punjab and Federal Minister of Minority was killed by terrorists, civil society and middle class across the Pakistan stood up and chanted slogans of human rights violations and urging from the state to detain perpetrators immediately, but, when social and political leaders and members are being killed in Sindh and Balochistan, civil society and middle class are not ready to talk against these atrocities, inhumanities and state terrorism.

Such attitudes on the part of civil society and middle classy would is condemnable and disappointing. Therefore, civil society and middle class from across the Pakistan should stand up to fight with evil forces who want to spoil the nations and damaging to the unity of Pakistan. Pakistan in itself is nothing, but it is the assembly of four nations and this is the responsibility of all conscious persons and thinking minds to resist and urge form the state to stop killing political leaders and members who are fighting for the rights of their nations. 

Jabbar Bhatti 


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